Pay & display car parks


Short stay


Ferry Inn (24 spaces, 2 disabled) - opposite the Ferry Terminal

charges apply Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm

40p up to 1 hour

70p up to 2 hours

£1.50 up to 3 hours


Ferry Terminal

40p up to 1 hour

60p up to 2 hours

80p for 4 hours

£1 for 8 hours


For the latest on car parks and charging click here.


Long stay (free) spaces

Ferry Road (North) - opposite the harbour - 20 spaces, 3 disabled

Ferry Road (South) - opposite the harbour - 38 spaces, 0 disabled

Old Academy - above the old town - 91 spaces (1 disabled)




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Brief facts about Stromness


The mosaic floor at The Quernstone was originally built by Italian artisans for Guilio Fugaccia's renowned ice cream parlour.