StromnessStromness is home to Orkney’s longest-running Festival. The annual Stromness Shopping Week is a week-long gala celebrating every aspect of local life.


The first Shopping Week was held in 1949 to give the town a boost after the post-war slump. People came from all over, on boats from the isles and from across the Orkney mainland. Shopping Week continues to thrive, drawing many who have moved away back to Orkney for a week of fun with family and friends.




The annual Orkney Folk Festival is based in Stromness at the end of May.


Stromness Spirit of the Sea is a celebration of the past, present and future of the town’s maritime heritage.




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Brief facts about Stromness


Our Gala Week is now an institution, and one of the most important events in Orkney’s social calendar.


- Stromness Shopping Week programme, 1976


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